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Chester City Blog: Chester Housing Authority Recognized for Anti-Smoking Effort

The Chester Housing Authority has been recognized by the PA Dept. of Health for the agency's efforts to protect the health of children and families by preventing tobacco exposure in public settings.

Melissa Maier, program coordinator for Community Health Education at Crozer Keystone Health System, presented a Certificate of Recognition signed by PA Health Secretary Karen Murphy to CHA Board of Commissioners Chair Sheila Church, who joined Executive Director Steven A. Fischer, Thurman Brendlinger of the Clean Air Council and a group of youngsters for the ceremony.

"Participating in the Young Lungs at Play program allows us to send a strong message to children that smoking is always a bad idea, especially in recreational areas where they need all the air they can get to be able to run and play," Fischer said. "Our mission at CHA begins with housing but it doesn't end there. Providing residents information and activities on health and wellness is a very important component of what we do.

"Young Lungs at Play is a program aimed at helping communities create tobacco-free parks, playgrounds and recreational areas for children. CHA posts signs outside its community centers and play areas and offers smoking cessation classes for adults.The U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is making an effort to discourage smoking in public housing developments.

"We support that guidance and will continue to work with both HUD and the Commonwealth toward a goal of one day achieving smoke-free public housing," Fischer said.Read more about the Chester Housing Authority at http://www.chesterha.org.