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READY, SET, GO! Action Plan Practical cleaning tips for the key health centers of the home. More Info or Buy Now

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Ready, Set, Go! Action Plan to a Clutter Free and Healthy Home Environment

A collaborative effort of Betty Dorsey of AGD Manna Cleaning Services and the Chester Housing Authority

In a time when infection control is paramount, Ready, Set, Go! provides practical cleaning tips for the key health centers of the home. The author walks the reader room by room with the steps, cleaning agents, and tools necessary to declutter and sanitize each area. The book embraces the concept that all household members should be engaged in the care of the home and includes a list of age appropriate chores for children. The author also provides natural-based cleaning solutions for those who suffer from allergies, asthma, and other health conditions.

In addition to improving health outcomes, good housekeeping, reduces repairs and replacement costs, promotes community reinvestment and owner participation in the rental assistance programs and helps maintain property values.

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