Chester Housing Authority

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Chester City Blog: Steve Fischer is too cool for the Housing Authority

Steven A. Fischer has brought his New York City swag to Chester and totally revamped the Chester Housing Authority. Today we learn that he was rewarded with a new contract to keep doing what he's doing 'til the end of time' (in my George Michael voice).

I've worked with Steve on more than a few of his initiatives these past few years, and every time I'm with him I forget that he's the executive director of the housing authority. When I think of someone in that position, I think of either an old grumpy man who is stuck in his ways, or one of these new age slicksters who don't have clue what they're doing and is in it only for himself, or some political wonk. Steve is neither of these characters.Today's Delaware County Daily Times has a story of Steve's new contract and some of his strategies and successes since he's been here.

He's obviously a great executive to have accomplished what he has, but no article can convey his compassion toward regular everyday human beings. To be successful in his position you need both skills.We're very lucky here in Chester to have Steve and even more lucky that he continues to want to stay here to manage the Housing Authority – 'til the end of time.'