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Chester City Blog: Chester Housing Authority Officers Awarded for Work with Trauma Victims

Two Chester Housing Authority police officers – William Cooper and Wesley Seitz – have been honored with awards from the Trauma Survivors Foundation in Wilmington.The honor stems from a high speed chase last year in Chester that ended at a CHA property. Chester City Police Captain Alan Davis was badly injured in the shootout that ensued. The CHA officers helped bring the incident to an end."Although this pursuit began in the city, out officers assisted when the chase crossed onto a CHA property," said CHA Executive Director Steven A. Fischer. 

 "We are of course proud of the bravery displayed by the officers involved and this is what the public sees. What often goes unnoticed are the emotional issues that linger for the police officers and their families."Captain Davis attended the ceremony, in which three Chester city officers involved in the chase were also honored.

They are Thomas Dixon, Donald Jackson and Kevin Smith.The Trauma Survivors Foundation helps firefighters, police and EMS with scholarships to attend ICISF (International Critical Incident Stress Foundation) approved training classes. The Trauma Survivors Foundation trains emergency service personnel to provide crisis intervention when a traumatic event occurs.