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Chester Housing Authority Residents Enjoying Donated Art-The Stefan Roots Blog

 Residents moving into Chester Housing Authority (CHA) apartments are enjoying their new locally-sourced artwork, part of the agency's program that gives residents something pleasing to look at as they begin their stay at CHA.The "Art is Home" program is a partnership between the Nebula Gallery on Avenue of the States and the housing authority. Nebula is donating 150 pieces of art created by students from the Chester Charter School for the Arts.

"There are multiple winners in this program," said CHA Executive Director Steven Fischer. "Of course the new residents are getting colorful artwork for their apartments, which they tell us they like. CCSA students got the opportunity to put their creative skills to good use. And Nebula is showing what a great community partner they are."Residents have been placing and interpreting their art in different ways – just as art is meant to be enjoyed.Resident Sydney Pratt said receiving two pieces of art was a nice welcome. She provided an interesting critique.

"The first picture is pink and blue, and it reminds me of a tree," she said. "It has a soothing feeling, so I put that in my daughter's room. The other photo was of the number four. It reminded me of the ocean."New resident Blair McClarion said the art is a creative way for CHA to welcome residents."It goes great with my powder room, and purple is my favorite color," she said. "It's also inspired me to buy more pictures and put them up. I thank the talented students that made them."Read more about CHA at www.chesterha.org.