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Delco Today: Chester Farm Distributes Free Food Today to Families in Need, Thanks to Foundation for Delaware County Grant

 One of the places distributing free food today is the Chester Housing Authority’s (CHA) Ruth Bennett Community Farm, made possible because of a grant from the Foundation for Delaware County COVID-19 Response Fund.

 More than 100 free boxes of food and fresh produce will be distributed at the farm, 1318 Carla’s Lane,

Chester, to residents from noon to 2 p.m. today, April 23.


Residents from the Bennett Homes and senior citizens will be prioritized, with families invited to take one box per household.


Pick-up procedures will follow strict social distancing rules, with workers wearing face masks and all attendees being asked to stand six feet apart.


The farm is offering biweekly food distributions as a way to decrease crowded grocery store visits and ease financial burdens for residents.

The housing authority has also been working with residents to adjust monthly rent payments as needed and sharing information on resources located in Chester and Delaware County on its social media pages.


The Ruth Bennett Farm also launched a weekly video series, “Building Community” where CHA Executive Director Steve Fischer and Project Manager Ulysses “Butch” Slaughter bring together community members and local experts in health and family issues to discuss topics of relevance to Chester residents.