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Chester Matters: Learn to CODE for FREE in Chester

 Throughout the summer of 2020, several Swarthmore College students have been assigned to share their time and talents with a few Chester entities. Swarthmore College describes theses students as ‘Chester Community Fellows with the Lang Center.’

 Chester Housing Authority was fortunate to land two of these Chester Community Fellows who worked on a couple projects under the auspices of CHA’s Executive Assistance Quineice Harris. One of the projects will have a long lasting impact on the Chester community as they’ve developed a course to teach computer coding, or programing.


The two Chester Community Fellows, Nader Almadbooh and Kaidan Fullerton, discovered an overall lack of computer science (CS) education in Chester in general, and decided an online course in computer science would be greatly beneficial for the community.


The one thing they want you to know is you don’t have to be genius to take this course. They designed it with school aged students in mind but anyone with a interest in learning how to code can participate.


There will be no need to run out and purchase a fancy computer because anyone with a phone, tablet, or computer can take this course to the fullest extent, and for free. Not only will the course be available online for anyone with interest in Computer Science and coding, but it will also take the shape of collective activities that any interested person can take part of in.


Ultimately, the goal is to partner with community members who have the means to create and run after-school programs, summer camps, and computer related activities. In order for this to occur…


they are seeking individuals who are willing to be instructors for the in-person projects, camps, and activities being built around the course. Even as instructors, you don’t need any prior computer programing experience.


They’re only seeking 6 individuals for these train-the-trainer sessions which will be conducted throughout the remainder of the summer and the beginning of the upcoming academic year. By the end of these sessions, you’ll have the necessary tools and curriculum to teach the coding classes.


See the flyer below for more information.