Chester Housing Authority

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Chester Matters: Chester Housing Authority and Red Brick Café Partner for Voter Registration, Census Event

 The Chester Housing Authority (CHA) hosted a socially-distanced voter registration event outside the Red Brick Café last Wednesday, October 7. The community event encouraged neighbors to register to vote and complete their U.S. Census forms – two important components of civic action.

 “We are always creating opportunities for our residents be more involved in their local community,” said Chester Housing Authority Executive Director Steven Fischer. “Voting and filling out census forms are two actions that can have a huge impact for our city, but people may not always realize that. So we wanted to show our residents that civic action can be both meaningful and fun.”


The event, which was well attended by both younger and older community members, featured live music from local band The Young Picassos, as well as free food from the Chester-based Red Brick Café. Guests also had the opportunity to hear from Chester Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland and other local elected officials.


Voter registration tents were sent up with hand sanitizer and Plexiglas at every station, and attendees wore masks and practiced social distance measures.


By the end of the event, more than two dozen residents, mostly young people, had registered to vote and others had completed their Census forms with the aid of a U.S. Census Bureau worker.