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Chester Matters: MLK Event in Chester today

 (CHESTER, PA) – The Chester Housing Authority and New Integration Accommodations will host a powerful two-hour service event titled “Six Feet of Freedom” on January 18, 2021 from 9:00AM to 11:00 AM at the Calvary Baptist Church in Chester.

 Chester and Delaware County residents and businesses will honor the legacy of The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by calling attention to the urgent need to address racism through a compelling visual – a mile-long rope of plastic bags.


Hundreds of volunteers will work to string together thousands of plastic bags that will stretch in two directions starting from Calvary Baptist Church down Rosa Parks Boulevard (PA Route 291).


The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spent three very important years at Chester’s Crozer Theological Seminary and practicing his faith at Calvary Baptist Church. This year volunteers in the city of Chester will honor his legacy by promoting sustainability in their community. Dr. King frequently talked about the need to curb materialism. He understood that in order to create a clean and healthy planet, people need to stop creating so much waste. This activity will be a visual reminder of the urgency to respond to both pollution and environmental racism.


Upon completion of the activity, volunteers will reconvene outside of Calvary Baptist Church to discuss their work and reflect on the legacy of Dr. King. This project is designed for participants 18 years old and above and will follow all CDC Covid-19 restrictions, including social distancing and the wearing of face masks.


Volunteers will also receive a free reusable shopping bag with Dr. King’s image printed on the panel, a gift certificate to Chester eatery the Red Brick Café, and a credit to a five minute chair massage courtesy of local business Tamara’s Esthetics and Artistry. Interested participants are encouraged to join the event by contacting coordinator Ulysses “Butch” Slaughter at [email protected].


Who: Hundreds of volunteers from the following organizations:


Chester Housing Authority

Power Home Remodeling

CASA Youth Advocates of Chester and Delaware Counties

Delaware County Council

Delaware County District Attorney’s Office

Andrew L. Hicks Jr Foundation

Association of Black Social Workers of West Chester University

Chester Minaret Court No 154

Chester Community Improvement Project

Chester Education Foundation

The Delaware County Historical Society

Chester Community Improvement Project

Pennsylvania Humanities Council

Martin Luther King Commemorative Committee Chester

The YES Center

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