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Chester Matters: Join ‘Priority: Delco Thrive’ which begins in Chester on Sunday, March 21

 A small group of us brain stormed on creating a single activity that could help connect people from across Delaware County and help struggling businesses who have suffered due to the pandemic. We came up with ‘Priority: Delco Thrive.’

 What if consumers of Delaware County put Delaware County businesses first?


What if large numbers of citizens from all across Delaware County came together once a month and shopped at Delaware County small businesses that are struggling during these difficult times?


What if hundreds of Delaware County consumers traveled locally into various Delco townships, boroughs, and cities to demonstrate the power of putting “Delco Businesses First?”


What if Delaware County consumers created a movement to make sure our county businesses run by county families came first?


We can do it! We will do it! And we are asking you to join us.


We call this action Priority: Delco Thrive because we believe that “Together, Delco Prospers.”


Our proposition is simple, yet it can have a profound impact on our county. We’re identifying Delco-based small businesses that need our help.


We’re recruiting people like you to participate in one-day shopping blitzes at designated DelCo-businesses. We’re putting our money where it matters most – home.


This action only requires that consumers sign up and show up to purchase a pre-packaged meal, product or service from our selected DelCo small businesses.


Everyone will be pre-registered for all our actions and the transactions at the selected businesses will be designed as efficiently as possible.


Our team is highlighting various Delco businesses and we will begin our project on the first day of Spring 2021.


It all starts right here in Chester…


Join us for a $20 pickup-purchase blitz at Red Brick Cafe in Chester March 21, 2021 between 11AM and 2PM. Our next stops are Aston and Media-based businesses.


Go to https://transitiontownmedia.org/priority-delco-thrive/ to learn more about Priority: Delco Thrive and register for our important events.


Our intent is to identify businesses all across the county and recruit hundreds of consumers who will collaborate with neighboring communities in cross-sectional activities.


As a consumer participant, sometimes you will go to another town; sometimes your town will host the gathering.


In difficult times like these, we need to support our small businesses. They don’t have the power of the mega brands but they can get the mega support from those of us who care.


This is a non-partisan effort, created by DelCo residents who care about Delco small businesses. We don’t have any hidden agendas or political backing. We care about the business fabric of our county. We’re simply a group of citizens who believe our Delco small businesses should be our priority.


Do you know a Delco small business in your area that could use this kind of support? Contact us and let’s talk about driving support to your town.


Delaware County small businesses need our help now.