Chester Housing Authority

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Chester Housing Authority's First Summer Food Program a Big Hit

 The Chester Housing Authority completed its first-ever Summer Food Service Program with plans to make it an annual offering. "We found that preparing and serving freshly made food rather than using box lunches was a big hit with the kids," said Norman Wise, CHA Director of Housing Operations.

 "The team that worked in this program really took pride in making sure the food was healthy and delicious." CHA served nearly 5,700 meals over the eight-week period from July 7 – August 29. The number of children enjoying the meals increased in the final two weeks of the program, following the end of the City of Chester's summer food program on August 15. "We went above the federal requirement by serving at least three hot meals a week," said Sharon Young who coordinated the program. "Meals always included low-fat milk, fruit and vegetables. The kids' favorite lunch meal was spaghetti and meatballs."Because of the great success of the program, the agency is looking for more ways to make a difference. "We are exploring the idea of participating in an afterschool program where a wholesome snack and homework assistance would be provided," said CHA Executive Director Steven Fischer.