Chester Housing Authority

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Thank You, HUD

The US Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) supports CHA affordable housing programs to the tune of over $21 million per year.  As a condition of their continuing support, we must jump through a lot of federal hoops.  This, in the name of assuring Congress and taxpayers their money is being properly spent.  Normally here in Chester, we get monitored by the Philadelphia HUD field office.

This past summer, HUD sent a team of higher level officials from around the country to spend three days placing another set of eyes and ears on us.  They interviewed Housing Commissioners and staff, examined documents and visited our properties.  This week, in time for Thanksgiving, I received their report which lauded every CHA department for its compliance and creative practices in furthering the provision of quality, affordable housing in an admittedly shrinking funding environment.We often express frustration with the amount of time taken out of our workdays for government monitors.  But it is satisfying to know they appreciated what they found in Chester.

At this time of Thanksgiving, a word of thanks from all of us at the CHA to those we are given the opportunity to serve, from our residents to all who dedicate careers and lives to making the community a better place.  And thanks again, HUD, for the vote of confidence.