Chester Housing Authority

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S'no Problem

Just as we thought we might escape winter this year (we did for all of 2015), along came The Blizzard of 2016, January 23-24.  Any year's first snow always hits us like we've never seen it before.  Most years, you get a few small to moderate storms to get you in the groove.  Then, by the time the big ones hit, you're in full snow mode and can take it more in stride.But this year was different.  It was the first snow and when all was said and done, the ruler said 22.4 inches in our neck of the woods.  

Not to be beaten by a stinkin' snowstorm, Norman Wise and his minions, our faithful maintenance crews, laced up (the boots), zipped up (multiple layers) , and psyched up to battle nature non-stop for most of the hours of this past weekend. 

To merely say they did a fabulous job would be an understatement.  But let the beauty of black asphalt roadways and concrete walkways outlined by the freshly fallen, high-piled, glistening white snow be the evidence of a job extremely well done. 

And to say this was a first for them would be to forget how heroically they responded to all of the awful weather events of the past few years.  From Hurricane Irene (2013), to the devastating winter that followed to the tornado activity of this past April, the CHA Maintenance department always rises to the occasion.

The next time you pass a maintenance crew member, thank them for busting their back to keep you as safe and mobile as possible as part of their overall mission to provide quality service to residents.  I'll do the same.CHA maintenance mechanic Tina Johnson putting final touches on the Bennett Homes walkway Sunday night.

CHA Maintenance Mechanic Tina Johnson putting final touches on Bennett Homes walkway Sunday night.