Chester Housing Authority

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 Chief cook and bottle washer — an old expression to describe a person who does everything, from the important to the mundane.  At the CHA, we have the guy we call Chief.  Most think it's because of his most known function, that of running our small Police Department. Think again.  


 Aside from the responsibility of keeping a 24/7 law enforcement operation on the streets, he also runs our IT. You'll not see him around with a note pad but back at his multiple workstations (that would be at least four) he is as organized as one can be to. You need crime stats for whatever period of time you desire, call Chief.  Your computer isn't working right, you can't get on the internet, the software isn't cooperating with you, call Chief.  You need a key for your large-scale property management operation, for a vehicle, a code set up or forgotten for secure entry somewhere, see Chief and it's provided in minutes if not seconds.  You need the final touches put on a grant application, call Chief for the miscellaneous.  Auto mechanics, health, history, politics, religion — dare to ask Chief.  You'll get academic analyses to put it kindly. He is guided by the impact of his work on children. This to say that he takes no prisoners when it comes to adults.  His popularity with them comes second. 

Recent evidence of this would be his refurbishment of the computer labs at our three community centers so we could offer after school programs.  Many months of work.  His new debarment policy whereby unwanted loiterers are easily removed from our sites by the Police.  Diminishing crime over the past two years have made it safer for children to roam. When you wear a uniform for a living, there's an unseen but ever present target on you.  But those who stand beside on a daily basis get to know the character and makeup of the individual.  In business, there are those who deliver, whatever the case.  When I need something done, I go to Rodney O'Neill.