Chester Housing Authority

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Every good organization has this person. They are extremely good in their specialized field. AND they have an eye on everything else. When needed, they can fill in anywhere without much preparation. We have that vital person at the CHA, and it's largely why we're good. 

 The letterhead says Maria Zissimos, General Counsel. It's that and much more.I think she was brought here to keep a watchful legal eye on things for the receiver court. That she did ... and the receivership was a roaring success.We no longer need to be babysat. Integrity and professionalism have found homes in all corners of the Authority. But Maria didn't move on, mission accomplished. She adopted the CHA as her own and took ownership.Her specialty is being our lawyer, taking care of all things legal. We have reduced our staff by 50 percent in the past decade, and oh, by the way, Maria gets handed the Departments of Personnel, Insurance, and chunks of Development and Redevelopment. Handles them all superbly – has for years -- as though it all fits neatly into a normal job description. It's easier to do staff development agency-wide when someone is minding several stores that don't need much checking on.She's no-nonsense but also fun. She makes sure her parts get done right and on time, as do yours, and finds time to keep it light. She follows well and leads even better. You have a need in your department; she's first on board. While some of us bull forward in all our zealousness, there's always a corner of her eye closely planted on our wheels to make sure the dirt doesn't fly too far. She's the glue that keeps it all together, the oil that has the moving parts running in sync. She has her fancy title, but really she's just Maria which, at the CHA, means getting the job done.