Chester Housing Authority

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August 21st was a good day at work. I had the pleasure of meeting Paul Mays, Jr. and his mother Georgeina Mays. Reason being, to present a $1,000 CHA scholarship to Paul, entering Widener University this semester.

The Bennett Homes resident is one of our many hopes for the future. He didn't get where he is today without hard work. He went to Archbishop Carroll High School while working part-time at the Starbuck's in Brookhaven. When I met him at our little check presentation, he looked familiar so I figured I had just seen him around growing up at the Bennett. It turns out, I buy coffee from him in the morning at the Starbuck's drive-in window. He always seemed like a good kid, working diligently; polite to his customers. What a thrill for me to learn he's one of ours!Paul will study computer science among his many interests including detective work thanks to his mother's influence. We wish Paul Mays well in his studies and look forward to his world contributions after college.

Congratulations as well to Gina Mays on the great job she has done raising Paul!