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Chester Matters: My first ZOOM call was ‘Fathers Are Talking’

 The Chester Housing Authority started ‘Fathers are Talking’ in 2012 where a group of men meet and talk about the joys and challenges of being a dad. The goal is for the old dads to help the younger dads with issues we probably have all been through before.

 This week, we kept the conversation going using the new favorite physical distancing tool, ZOOM.


I never have occasion to get on video conference calls so this was my first time using ZOOM. I was surprised how easy it was to download and set up and I had no problem joining the discussion. I even got fancy and changed my background so I looked like I was broadcasting from my space capsule and displayed us all on my IPad like the opening of the Brady Bunch.


Our topic for this session was ‘Building Community – Fathers Talk Comfort in Crisis’ and focused on things we do as fathers to help our families during coronavirus.


The guys on the call were: Steve Fischer – Executive Director of the Chester Housing Authority; Jean-Pierre Brice – CMP Radio; Ricky Taylor and Cory Long, Team MAC; Darrin Richardson, Enrichment Academy; Malik Savage, Bennett Farm; Rod Powell; and Ulysses Slaughter – Program Coordinator for Chester Housing Authority


If there’s some fathers who’d like to join future discussions, contact Ulysses Slaughter at [email protected]. The more the merrier.